Will Your Kid Kill You in Your Sleep Over a Videogame? Possibly!

Videogame addiction is real. Someday they'll be properly labeled, disclaimered, and regulated, and the public will recognize the signs. More kids will get into, and get through graduate school, (Who am I kidding: More kids will just get into college and successfully emerge from their parent's basement with jobs and spouses) and videogame manufacturers may have liability like Phillip Morris and cigarettes.

Where did all the unlovable, spouseless basement-dwellers come from?
GAD and aggravated ADHD in youth from first-person-shooter-videogames and then the parent's probably-correct belief that the kids won't make it, without a free place to live. Then the lad knocks up a gamer-girl and really HAS to live in the basement with their growing family.

Almost EVERY human being will make the most out of any safety-net placed under them. By the same token, human beings are survivors, and unless they're on drugs, they'll pull it together unless they TRULY developed no living-skills in the basement on their videogame and can't actually fit into a job or interpersonal relationship that doesn't have to do with life in a first-person-shooter where you can take twelve rounds before respawning.

Almost EVERY human being will make the most out of any safety-net placed under them.

The damage that videogames do in our society is unparalleled in history. Undoubtedly derailing more college plans than drugs ever did. Creating more selfish, withdrawn and socially inept people than bad parenting ever created, EVER.

Why is it, that Americans haven't talked about it, and come up with a cohesive, effective parenting PLAN that leverages videogames against exercise, chores, extramural activities at school, and good grades?

An alcoholic will do literally anything to stay in the bottle.
And I observe that a person will do literally anything (including killing his parents) in order to play the videogame in their room or stay on their social media.

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