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Why Franchise / Corporate Veterinary Medicine Is a Cause for Concern With Customers

I found a very well written document that impartially describes how Veterinary Medicine is being consolidated under corporate roofs.
And the article is at and is followed by three additional references which describe the results of polls on the subject, a document on HOW corporatization occurs and summarizes the impacts, and more.
The briefest of summaries basically arrives at the idea that before1960 when Justice Tilzher voted 'yay' in the issue of corporations owning and controlling veterinary practices instead of the doctors – the author arrives at the conclusion that in these practices, veterinary judgment will be on an even fitting with profit motives. And that's AT BEST and did not consider the impact that the newer 'commission-based' pay structures have.
If you still have a chance to visit a private practice WITH A GOOD COMMUNITY REPUTATION –  I encourage you to do so. Having to use a franchise will happen soon enough – whether you prefer it or not. It's inevitable.

We Should Get Socialists to Commit Future Earnings

It would be amazing if, while living in the basement and skating by on peanut butter and jelly – we got the 'generous' and 'free-for-all' liberal think-tank socialists to commit part of their future income to all the various social and global 'causes' they think the US Government Taxpayer should be paying for.
Free college, free healthcare, free whatever.
And watch in amusement as they sign their various 'manifestos' with fingerless knitted gloves reeking of clove oil…..and never think about the ramifications….like they do now.
But then come back later when they've made it. Whether they're just working in a Home Depot, or they founded something like Instagram 
And exercise their own manifesto on them.
My favorite to see, would be watching someone fabulously wealthy – taken down and parted-out and left penniless the way 'rich people hogging all the money' supposedly deserve.
And if these Starbuck's aficionados were non-specific, just put them in a pool of young liberals who actually DO contribute their tax dollars (and LOTS of them) to paying for nonworking people's college, health care and living expenses.) Sort of a Liberal Fund. With “benefactors of yesteryear” who signed manifestos suggesting that everyone should work to pay for others who worked less, and created fewer opportunities for themselves. 

What are the seven deadly sins?

# The Seven Deadly Sins: An In-Depth Exploration

## Introduction

The concept of the seven deadly sins has a long and complex history, deeply rooted in Christian theology and moral philosophy. This list of transgressions serves as a framework for understanding human failings and moral imperfections. In this document, we will delve into the origins of the seven deadly sins, their historical development, what each sin represents, and why they are considered “deadly.”

## Origins and History

### Early Origins

The idea of deadly sins can be traced back to early Christian asceticism. Evagrius Ponticus, a 4th-century Christian monk, compiled a list of eight morally destructive thoughts known as the “Eight Evil Thoughts.” These included gluttony, lust, avarice, sadness, anger, acedia (neglect of spiritual work), vainglory, and pride.

### Gregory the Great

The list was later refined and popularized by Pope Gregory I (Gregory the Great) in the 6th century. He condensed the eight evil thoughts into seven sins, which he referred to as the “Seven Capital Sins” or the “Seven Deadly Sins.” Gregory's list included: 

1. Lust

2. Gluttony

3. Greed (Avarice)

4. Sloth (Acedia)

5. Wrath (Anger)

6. Envy

7. Pride

## The Seven Deadly Sins

### 1. Lust

Lust is an intense or inappropriate sexual desire. It involves the indulgence of sexual desires outside the bounds of moral and ethical standards.

### 2. Gluttony

Gluttony is the excessive consumption of food or drink, often to the point of waste, and the indulgence in the pleasures of eating.

### 3. Greed (Avarice)

Greed, also known as avarice, is the excessive desire for material wealth and possessions, often at the expense of ethical or moral principles.

### 4. Sloth (Acedia)

Sloth, or acedia, refers to laziness, apathy, or neglect of one's duties and responsibilities, particularly those of a spiritual nature.

### 5. Wrath (Anger)

Wrath is an intense, violent, or unrestrained anger. It often leads to destructive behavior and can harm oneself and others.

### 6. Envy

Envy is the resentment or coveting of another person's qualities, possessions, or achievements, often leading to negative feelings and actions.

### 7. Pride

Pride is excessive self-esteem, often leading to an inflated sense of one's own importance, arrogance, and a lack of humility.

## Why They Are Considered Deadly Sins

The term “deadly” in “deadly sins” does not necessarily mean that committing one of these sins will result in immediate death, but rather that they are considered spiritually and morally destructive. These sins are believed to lead individuals away from the path of righteousness and toward spiritual death or separation from God. They are seen as vices that can corrupt the soul and hinder one's journey to salvation.

## Conclusion

The concept of the seven deadly sins has a rich history in Christian theology and moral philosophy. These sins, introduced by Pope Gregory I, serve as a framework for understanding human failings and moral imperfections. Understanding these sins can help individuals strive for spiritual and moral growth while avoiding behaviors that lead to spiritual decay.

Will Your Kid Kill You in Your Sleep Over a Videogame? Possibly!

Videogame addiction is real. Someday they'll be properly labeled, disclaimered, and regulated, and the public will recognize the signs. More kids will get into, and get through graduate school, (Who am I kidding: More kids will just get into college and successfully emerge from their parent's basement with jobs and spouses) and videogame manufacturers may have liability like Phillip Morris and cigarettes.

Where did all the unlovable, spouseless basement-dwellers come from?
GAD and aggravated ADHD in youth from first-person-shooter-videogames and then the parent's probably-correct belief that the kids won't make it, without a free place to live. Then the lad knocks up a gamer-girl and really HAS to live in the basement with their growing family.

Almost EVERY human being will make the most out of any safety-net placed under them. By the same token, human beings are survivors, and unless they're on drugs, they'll pull it together unless they TRULY developed no living-skills in the basement on their videogame and can't actually fit into a job or interpersonal relationship that doesn't have to do with life in a first-person-shooter where you can take twelve rounds before respawning.

Almost EVERY human being will make the most out of any safety-net placed under them.

The damage that videogames do in our society is unparalleled in history. Undoubtedly derailing more college plans than drugs ever did. Creating more selfish, withdrawn and socially inept people than bad parenting ever created, EVER.

Why is it, that Americans haven't talked about it, and come up with a cohesive, effective parenting PLAN that leverages videogames against exercise, chores, extramural activities at school, and good grades?

An alcoholic will do literally anything to stay in the bottle.
And I observe that a person will do literally anything (including killing his parents) in order to play the videogame in their room or stay on their social media.

*Greg Ousley
*Brandon Woodruff
*Joel Michael Guy
*Rick Ennis
*Alex Jackson
*Chandler Halderson
*Daniel Petric
*Ten Year Old Boy shoots mother because he couldn't have an Oculus Headset from Amazon:
*Menhaz Zaman
*Zain Ali
*Christopher McKinney
*Li Tao
*Brent Springford Jr.
*Sarnam Verma
*A “sheltered” teenage boy

A video game that imports pictures of your parents so you can kill them:



I think in cars; we find one fairly easy way to discover and quantify our Narcissists. 

I mean, simply by SEEING HOW YOUR PARTNER DRIVES, you can know well-in-advance if you’re in love with a Narcissist. 
Briefly, I have refined my views on Narcissism thusly: 
Question:  What is Narcissism? 
Answer:  It’s a heightened sense for SELF. 
Question:  We’re all selfish, so what’s different about Narcissism? 
Answer:  It’s all about: Appearances, Being Served, Being Liked. 
Question:  Does Narcissism obviate the possession of EMPATHY? 
Answer:  No, in fact most Narcissists have empathy. Only the “Malignant Narcissists” lack empathy because their ‘comorbidity’ is SOCIOPATHIC. Malignant Narcissists truly have no conscience and therefore: No soul. 
You could describe most “healthy” Narcissists as the nicest selfish person you’d ever wanna meet. Even: “The most generous selfish person ever.” 
“Healthy Narcissists” are self-centered to a fault, with the CAPACITY for empathy for others whether they happen to be showing it at the moment or not. 
Generous selfish people?   Well, in a way, that’s like lawyers who are, mostly, the dumbest smart people on the globe. 
On The Other Hand: 
Unhealthy or Malignant Narcissists are ONLY concerned about themselves. Practically indistinguishable from and may be allied with: 
–  HFA-1
–  Asperger’s 
–  Sociopathies
Extremely self-centered and egoist without concern / empathy for anyone else unless faking that trait serves them. 
So the difference between Narcissists is:
Selfishness WITH Empathy 
= Or = 
Selfishness WITHOUT Empathy. 
I said all that to say this:
It’d be nice to identify your Narcissist BEFORE you commit a lifetime to them by way of marriage or similar ridiculous machination. And perhaps by their very DRIVING, we can winnow out whether a person is a Narcissist with or without empathy. Let’s try: 
In cars, Narcissists feel like superior drivers, in their own minds and they are ALWAYS very outspoken about how “these other IDIOTS” are driving. 
They pass slow drivers furiously. They honk a lot. They don’t care that their high beams are on at night all the time. They tailgate. They try to pass on double lines ….and really, practically do whatever they want in traffic. “Coming through you idiots, watch out for The Only Important One.” is the secret sauce for the Narcissist. 
In particular, the lack of consideration of certain Narcissistic drivers is a dead-“giveaway” of how “bad” their Narcissism is. 
So. Your loved one could be a Narcissist with Empathy, and consider themselves vastly superior drivers and demonstrating impatience with everyone else who is an idiot. 
Or your loved one could be a Malignant Narcissist and feel ALL OF THE ABOVE –  with the additional lack of concern for others and a lack of empathy which allows: 
1. Ridiculous “gunning the engine” in traffic
2. Honking at others just driving normally but in the way of your driver’s anxious, furious rush. 
3. High beams on in rearviews and oncoming traffic. 
4. Passing on the double yellow.
6. Pounding the steering wheel and shouting. 
7. Praising their own abilities. 

A Celestial Invitation WOW Warcraft Pet Battle

You will be convinced that Constellatius is going to kill you at the end, because he has full health, but miraculously, Blistering Cold kills him.
Follow this exactly. It works every time.
Crimson Spore (any breed) – 112 Timeless Mechanical Dragonling (any breed) – 111 Boneshard (any breed) – 11*

Turn 1 Sting

Turn 2 Blinding Powder

Turn 3 Swap to your Timeless Mechanical Dragonling

Turn 4 Razor Talons

Turn 5 Swap to your Crimson Spore

Turn 6 Blinding Powder

Turn 7 Sting

Turn 8 Explode

Bring in your Boneshard

Comet still alive? –> Chop Comet dies

Cosmos comes in

Turn 1 Blistering Cold

Turn 2 Pass (Timeless Mechanical Dragonling forced in)

Turn 3 Razor Talons

Turn 4 Swap to your Boneshard

Turn 5 Chop (Cosmos dies)

Constellatius comes in

Prio list

Prio 1 Blistering Cold

Prio 2 Chop

Timeless Mechanical Dragonling comes in

Turn 1 Decoy

Turn 2 Razor Talons

Turns 3+ Flame Breath

Of Import to Everyone With a Pet Dog: Canine Endocardiosis from Dental Disease

This article is even going on my fishy sites because it seems like, MOST fishy-pond-owners ALSO have a beloved dog. 
And most people with dogs only get dental-cleanings with extractions for their pet, BECAUSE of rotten breath. Not actually because of the REAL reason you should: 
Older dogs have painful mouths that constantly shed bacteria through the bloodstream and the very air they breathe into their vital organs. A dog getting good dental exercise doesn’t have that problem. Dogs with healthy gums almost-never develop valve disease and eventually: Heart failure. 
The full article is pretty brief, about canine (dog) dental prophylaxis and specifically: WHY YOUR DOG SHOULD HAVE A DENTAL SCALING AS RECOMMENDED BY YOUR VET 
It’s so much more than bad breath. It extends life. 
Here’s the full text: