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Pizza in a Bag – HOW NOT TO FEED YOUR DOG.

Pizza In a Bag (A Truthful Satire)

Finally! Your dog will never decline food. 

“Aren’t you tired of mixing melted butter and whip cream with the dogs food to get it to eat?” Well, those days are over!

This will get your dog eating like it’s hungry, even when it’s not. Not even a little bit.

Remember the days of sitting at the dining room table with your child, forcing the emptying of the plate three times a day or “you’ll sit here until you do”? And the kid just wasn’t hungry?

Threats were good. Feeding cookies and cake was good. But letting the kid just choose how much she ate? No possible way. 

Of course you don’t. Forcing a kid to clean their plate when they’re not hungry made fat kids. I’m living testament.


Find a food that your dog self-regulates. IMPORTANT: Find a food your dog has the ability to walk past when it’s NOT HUNGRY.

Note (with happiness) that picky dogs are either:

“A good weight. Like BCS4“



This would make a good bumper sticker:

A picky dog with three ribs showing, is sick. A picky dog with no ribs showing is just fine.

Dosing 25mg Delta 8 THC Gummies for Canines Under Vet Supervision: In One Page

This is a “guideposts” article that gives you the basics on dosing Delta 8 THC Gummies of the 25mg per gummy composition.
If you don't understand this document you will never understand the master document (current and edited weekly) at
You should not use this document unless you are entirely comfortable with the information and have weighed-in with your veterinarian.
There is in fact, a “too much” level of Delta-8 THC you can give your dog which is harmless, but that is a level that palpably upsets them. 
Most of what you read on the “interwebs” is disinformation perpetuated by ATF, FDA and CBD companies to keep you from upgrading to Delta 8 isomer THC.
Other CBD companies like have 'stayed with the times' and offer Delta 8 now. (And have stopped demonizing it.)
All that is included in 
We do NOT recommend full-spectrum THC or any other dosing format for companion canines  – because of a lack of standardization, and the desire for the pets to be HAPPY not HIGH.
We have zero experience at this writing with THC in cats which (who knows), could be as toxic as Tylenol and I'm not trying it on my cat.
Author Unknown

Positive Reinforcement is a Strong Idea with Weak Results

More than forty years ago people didn’t take any crap off their dogs. Dogs were NOT our equals and we didn’t join THEIR pack. They were admitted to OUR pack and were absolutely expected to be respectful to us, or they were “sent to the farm”

Excessive Barking, Bad Behavior, And How to Avoid Alpha Dominance or Actual Control of The Dog

[Disclaimer: This article will be shocking to most people because it expects them to be dominant over their dog.]

If you find yourself saying “Oh no, he would bite me if I tried trimming his nails” –

You are NOT alpha to your dog.

Don’t take crap off your dog. Find an Alpha trainer (usually ex-military or extremely experienced) and use one.

One night I got up at 3 in the morning and before I knew it, Isabelle was across the floor to have-a-gnaw on my feet and my foot went under her as I stepped forward and scooped her across the floor and into the bedroom door. Bonk.

I wasn’t running. But, let’s face it: I might-as-well have kicked her. At least in her mind, I kicked her.

She instantly became the most obedient dog we ever had, and never gnawed a foot again.

NO she was not traumatized, fearful, punishment-trained or any of the PTSD that the trainers promise your dog will have from what happened. ## Furthermore I’ll reiterate it was an accident ##. But the trainers will assure you that the “punished” dogs will have lower self esteem, appreciate fine music less, become sociopaths and Narcissists, try to run away, fail in dog classes, badmouth you in therapy, and end up less creative than “Good” owner’s dogs.

Bull shit.

The rednecks had it right. Rednecks don’t take shit off their dogs. And it works.

Read the whole article here:

Natural Biology of Altum Scalare

This matters because it kind of addresses some of the ways (and reasons) you can improve the condition and success with Altum scalare (Angel fish) 

In nature: Altum scalare would form schools of individuals, dozens of them, just hanging in a gentle Amazon-current among tall plants like Valisneria – and the water was warm with a pH about 6.9-7.0 and tannin rich. And always, floating down the river to where they would congregate, there would be tiny insects and larve, copepods, daphnia – in vast amounts because well, it was the Amazon and it wasn't polluted. So, it was warm and the feed was constant, and tiny. So they eventually evolved into “not powerful” swimmers, mastering instead “motionless” and calorie conservation, compressed low-drag bodies and tiny mouths for pinpoint accuracy taking native copepods and rotifers, like Daphnia. 
Feed was constant in their natural world: Because warm water hastens metabolism, so that meant they had to be on the lookout for every tiny morsel of food.

 = Tannins

 = Moderate to low pH
 = High aeration without too much water current 
 = Temperature in the high-seventies, low eighties
 = Frequent or constant light feeding
 = Carnivore fare (tiny slow-sinking pellets / flakes) 

Chaela, Alexia, Nadyia, Lydia/Tyler the Viper

Once upon a time there was a man who had a divorce. We'll call him “Erik The Fool”
After the divorce he met a woman who had four kids. We can call her “The Viper”.
The kids needed to be removed from harm's way, because of the criminal behavior of one of the biological parents.
Safety for the kids was possible by adoption by the divorced man, Erik-The-Fool.
So “The Viper” with the four children said “Please adopt my kids away from their dangerous / damaging father.” And the divorced man said, “Sure.” What are their middle names again?” He did not know the kids very well, but he knew that their biological father should not continue to have any rights to them.
The Viper, who needed the children adopted-away assured “Erik-The-Fool” that it was for the kids' safety and future, that it wasn't like she was going to pursue child-support or a lifetime of expense on their behalf.

Erik was a fool, because he did not see what was going on.
He knew the Viper for three months. But he adopted all her kids anyway so they could live their lives permanently away from the biological father that had harmed them.

Then, she quickly filed for divorce, got $130,000 in Alimony and debt relief, plus seven years of child support totaling $240,000.

Within 30 days of the close of the divorce, “Erik-The-Fool” never heard from any of the children again. Even as he paid more than a quarter million in child support and another $12,000 a year in health insurance.

Did “Erik-The-Fool” actually NEED the appreciation of the kids?
No, they were pawns in the con. They owed no one anything.
Also no, appreciation was not really expected. After all, they were spawn of the woman, who was a sociopath and machiavellian. And the biological father was a Narcissist-sociopath as well. It could be assumed that the kids heard nothing but lies and venom from the Viper who plays the victim like Judy Dench plays every role she gets: Flawlessly.
How could the kids be EXPECTED to act?

So the Fool's money is all gone and so are the kids and it took a very long time for Erik-The-Fool to come to grips with 'Forgiveness'. And to put the kids' disappearance into a comfortable place in his mind.

Eventually he stopped dwelling on it because it would be like “not forgiving” a tornado, hurricane or earthquake that ruined his world. Those are impersonal forces. Just as is a Machiavellian / sociopathic woman. For a Viper, biting someone is normal. It's nothing personal. She would have used and abused anyone who met her needs.

And he played his part by being stupid and not asking his family and friends for their advice. He used poor judgment and made bad decisions. And it cost him $800,000 in total.

It's very probable that the four kids who carry the man's name (Chaela, Alexia, Nadyia, Lydia/Tyler the Viper) are not informed of what happened. Possibly not at all. It's probable that they were told that the man simply walked out. They may think that he never paid a dime in child support and attempted to make no contact.
But none of that is true.

  • The fact is, that as soon as their mother could turn the con into a revenue stream: She did.
  • The fact is, that SHE was the one who filed to divorce the man, not the other way around, and 
  • She chased him off, allowing him a total of NINE DAYS OF CUSTODY per *year*, threatening that if he fought that: She would drag out the divorce until he was broke.
  • The fact is, he paid every dime of child support for seven years, and every insurance premium.

In the end who really cares? People do whatever they want. They look out for “Number One” and they believe what they want to believe. And that's okay.

Helping the Viper reminds me of an old parable by Aesop.
” The Farmer & the Snake “

A Farmer walked through his field one cold winter morning. On the ground lay a Snake, stiff and frozen with the cold. The Farmer knew how deadly the Snake could be, and yet he picked it up and put it in his bosom to warm it back to life.

The Snake soon revived, and when it had enough strength, bit the man who had been so kind to it. The bite was deadly and the Farmer felt that he must die. As he drew his last breath, he said to those standing around:

    ” Learn from my fate not to take pity on a scoundrel.”

I feel genuine sadness for those associated with The Viper whether as family or acquaintances. Because in the final analysis, to the Viper, humans are simply “things” to be leveraged and used. Even if only for attention, and to be the center of it. went from Cool, to “Too Hard” like it’s for professionals.

You get to choose so many parameters which can give you the best possible results, but unless you know how to pick your model, the steps, write a great prompt, what t o leave out, ratios, dimensions, and more: Your render looks like your elementary schooler painted it.
You get better results more easily with Dall-E and MUCH better results with or Goart.
I'd love to be making good use of mage but it rapidly went from weird, poor results, to “too complicated” in order to get good results.
I mean this as constructive criticism. Because the results my brother is getting are ridiculously good.
But he has taken the time to learn about all the various filters and 'models' you offer.
I don't wanna read a book.
I don't think I'm alone in being unable (or TLDR unwilling)  to master the learning curve to get what I want.
To illustrate how it “could be” – – I'll use / as examples that have simplified the AI generation process to give great results, without using Discord.
You should know your enemy.
I believe that if Mage introduced a simplified GUI that did not require Discord, did not require an email for log in every single time to access the product, and was able to generate images per a “style” you choose for each image-  you'd sweep the industry. Everyone knows about Mage. I think a lot of people drift away saying “That's too hard” or “It's not worth figuring it out” 
My two cents for nothing.
BTW I am a subscriber but I never use it.
Doc Johnson

Microsoft Gradually Converts Operating System to Subscription-based Stranglehold

Some of you are already aware that Microsoft intends to make the key elements of its operating system into a “rental” or “subscription” operating system. That in order to continue to run Micosoft Windows you’ll be paying practically whatever they want per month or year for it to work.

The whole article is here:

Already, companies like Adobe are withdrawing support for, and even sabotaging the continued usage of, their standalone products to herd the consumers into subscriptions. Microsoft is doing the same for older versions of Office, which includes Excel, Powerpoint, Word etc.

There is no justification for this in most cases because MOST people are NOT power-users and do not need the support, continued-development, nor features that better-funded major corporations with multiple machines, platforms and locations to coordinate.

So as we get corralled into various subscriptions, the cost of computing should soon become onerous to regular computer users.

Some people are already using their phones as computers, handling their emails, authoring, reports, spreadsheets etc on their phones rather than their laptops which (due to their operating systems) are “sitting ducks” for a Microsoft Subscription operating system coup.

To replace Adobe Acrobat I did some looking around and found a handy product called PDF24 and it’s wonderful. I have encountered no limitation and it is addressing all my needs in the production of my new book.

To replace Microsoft Office I’ve found the same product so many other of you have called Open Office.

Adobe and Microsoft are counting on your continued ignorance of these excellent ‘practically identical’ products. And they will continue to raise the prices of their Acrobat and Office Suites until everyone on any kind of budget opens their eyes and looks around.

Now I wonder….What actual operating system will replace Microsoft Windows while Bill Gates underestimates the irreplaceability of his venerable but increasingly privacy-invasive OS?

I could see the marriage of Meta (Facebook and Instagram) with Microsoft, Adobe and Office all under one roof (subscription) as the perfect Pacifier (and money-drain) for the American computer-user.

Wake Up People. We should have boycotted the first software manufacturers as they dropped their standalones for subscription products. But we didn’t. And I don’t think the train’s gonna stop. I think the solution will be products that replace subscription products with standalone products.

Why does this matter to you?

Because to install, use, and update subscription based products, you’ll have to make a perpetual investment, AND you will need internet access at all times to validate that you are a legitimate licensee. And if something happens to your ability to prove your subscription (say moving to or logging in from a new computer) –  you’re screwed until you get that whole shenanigan worked out.

I’m saying NO to subscriptions to software I should own, at least in the version on my computer. I understand UPGRADES cost money and usually I’m happy to pay it. But a month-to-month fee for irrelevant “updates” and features in my limited, residential space is unacceptable.