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White’s Dumpy Tree Frog

Proper care and feeding of White's Tree Frog:


White's Tree Frogs are popular pet frogs that are native to Australia, Indonesia, and New Guinea. They are also known as the Dumpy Tree Frog, the Smiling Frog, and the Australian Green Tree Frog. These frogs are easy to care for and have a lifespan of up to 20 years if taken care of properly.


A single adult White's Tree Frog requires a minimum of a 10-gallon tank. If you have multiple frogs, a larger tank is recommended. The tank should have a secure lid to prevent escapes and to maintain humidity. A substrate of coconut coir or sphagnum moss is recommended as it retains moisture well. Provide a hiding place such as a piece of bark or a plastic plant, and a shallow water dish for soaking. It is important to clean the tank regularly to prevent bacterial and fungal growth.

Temperature and Lighting:

White's Tree Frogs are tolerant of a wide range of temperatures, but the ideal temperature range is between 75-85°F (24-29°C). A heat lamp or under-tank heating pad can be used to provide warmth. A basking spot with a temperature of 85°F (29°C) should be provided. White's Tree Frogs do not require UVB lighting, but providing it can promote good health.


White's Tree Frogs require a humid environment to stay healthy. The humidity level should be maintained at 50-70%. To maintain humidity, mist the tank with water once or twice a day, and provide a water dish for soaking. Avoid using tap water, as it may contain chlorine or other chemicals that can harm the frogs. Use distilled or filtered water instead.


White's Tree Frogs are opportunistic feeders and will eat a variety of insects, including crickets, mealworms, waxworms, and roaches. They can also be fed pinkie mice, though this should be done sparingly as it is not a natural part of their diet. Offer food every two to three days, and only feed what the frog can eat in one sitting. Dust prey items with calcium and vitamin supplements before feeding.


White's Tree Frogs are generally docile and tolerate handling well. However, it is important to handle them with care and to avoid squeezing them. Wash your hands before handling the frog to avoid transferring any harmful bacteria or chemicals to the frog's skin. Do not handle the frog for extended periods of time, and avoid handling them during shedding or when they are stressed.

In conclusion, White's Tree Frogs are relatively easy to care for and make great pets. By providing a suitable habitat, maintaining appropriate temperature and humidity levels, and feeding a varied and balanced diet, your White's Tree Frog can live a long and healthy life.

Koi Ulcer Disease and More Treatments in “Koi Health and Disease” Textbook

Your fish are sick, so what should I do? Stop the struggle, going over and over it on Google trying to find everything in one place to save Koi and Pond Fish. And you find stuff but it's written by ChatGPT or Bard and it's either wrong, ''generally” right, or devastatingly shallow. It's all overview.
You need the “what” and the “how to”
So, there's a book you might be interested to see, especially in time for Spring when pond fish diseases become a “thing”.  Because it's on, you can have it overnighted in a real emergency.
Category: Pets
Publisher: Dr. Erik Johnson
Language: English
Country: United States
Keywords: Fish Treatments Symptoms
Description: This is 15 years of Vet experience with all aspects of Koi health. Treatments and tips for a healthy environment, proper husbandry, symptoms of disease and remedies for parasites and sores, Dr. Johnson covers it all. In plain terms for the hobbyist, he provides the details you NEED to save fish. Symptoms, simple tests, logic and simplicity to educate you on preventing and treating fish diseases. This book is as timely / timeless as the appearance of fish disease, and the need for education in the testing and treatment of these conditions in fish. Learn about prevention and treatment BEFORE you’re in trouble.
“Anyone that has bought one koi, should have this book before they buy number two!” – David H.
“Thanks for writing such an informative, easy to read book. I appreciate your easy going sense of humor and style of writing!” – Patti B.
“Excellent for beginners, without sacrificing plenty of depth where needed. A Koi keeper's bible!” – S.G. Ontario
“Not a wasted word. Well done!” – Mike S.

How To Make a Ringtone for IPhone.

It takes like, two softwares.
How to make a ringtone
Go to Voicebuddy or similar and make an MP3 file.
Download it to your computer.
Then go to Free Ringtone Maker.
Upload it (or drag it) and click “Make Ringtone” and then download that to your computer.
Then send it to your phone via email, and save it to Files.
Then go to open “Ringtonemaker” on your phone.
Find “My Ringtone” screen and there's a + sign.
Click it. Then click “More” and “Import from File” and choose your new ringtone to make.
Click that file and click “Make”
Swipe left to click “Garage Band”
It'll open with that file in Garageband. Click and hold it.
Option: Share 'Then:  “Share to Ringtone”
Then “Export”
There may be various dialogue boxes that tell you the tone is being adjusted or truncated.
The file is exported to just where it needs to be and shows up as an option in your Alarms, etc when choosing a tone.

Judge Tilzer and The Doctors: Thanks, Sterling Optical!

A dog or cat with a fracture in a leg will not use that leg. Even if you pick up the other leg, it will roll down onto the fractured leg. They will bear no weight on a limb fracture.

But that does not mean if the dog will not bear weight on the leg, that it is fractured.  This is too much for some veterinarians to keep in mind. So they need x-rays. Even as the pet is walking around. And they will find nothing because cartilage and tendon lesions do not show up on x-rays but that is never explained to the consumer. 

A cat with a fever of any significance will not eat. But that does not mean a cat without a fever will eat. And, it does not mean that a cat that is not eating has a fever.

This is way too much for some veterinarians to keep in mind. So they need bloodwork. (They also need the % commission on that blood work.)

I haven’t seen this in print anywhere in an employees manual, but there is a “breadcrumbs, testing algorithm ‘rhetoric, a party-line“ at work in certain veterinary practices, especially at the franchise or corporate level. And that is the “stock answer“ to any question being asked:

“What’s wrong with my pet?”

“We should be able to answer that question with the results of a few tests.”

[The test results indicate this problem.]

“What’s the prognosis?”

“We should be able to tell with the results of a few tests.”

“What are the chances of my pet survival?”

“We should be able to tell with the results of a few tests.”

“OK so we know it’s un-treatable, is there anything that would buy time?”

“We should be able to tell with the results of a few tests.”

“This looks really hopeless, should I put my pet to sleep?”

“We should be able to tell with the results of a few tests.”

If you get that answer over and over again from a doctor at the franchise, please realize you are feeding a commissions-based machine. 

Shareholder businesses are opened exclusively for profit.

Private practices in general, were started by some “sciencey”-kid who got out of Vet school and needed someplace to practice. And maybe they didn’t want to work for somebody else. But then, down the road, corporations noticed that they were making decent money, so they decided to come in and cherry pick the more profitable revenue streams in a private practice, and open businesses based on these services, and exclusively on profit.”

And you might say “well, that’s capitalism.” But it was only ONE federal court Justice, Judge Tilzer, in 1960, who thought that doctors AND (remarkably) NON-doctor Executives within corporations, in fact should be able make decisions in your healthcare based principally on profit. Nobody else thought that, prior to Judge Tilzer.

“What should we do? I think either way we are likely to compromise the patient.“

“It doesn’t really matter what WE think. Some ‘Financial-guy’ is coming down from Corporate  to tell us what to do. I’m sure it won’t be in the best interest of the patient.“

Just a couple things I would do if I was president

No more N-word

Flat tax

Imagine if  creators and experts created durable curriculums for school like Jordan Peterson, Warren Buffett, Candace Owens, Condoleezza Rice, and a brain trust of all former presidents.

People can vote on the Issues and in future elections. One person equals one vote. You get to vote on your Social Security number and a credit card. Voting is free.

If you don’t have a Social Security card, you should get one.

If you don’t have a credit card, that’s fine just vote in person with State ID and SS Card.

We need to recheck pedophilia as a capital crime. Our system is too small to keep them all locked up long enough, we have to revisit our management and look at the way they do it in Europe. 

There are democratic countries that are thousands of years old, how old is Sweden and how old is Norway and how old is Italy, etc. we could look at some of the ways they do things. Our republic is only less than 300 years old. Think of the experience we could glean from these older cultures and shorten the learning curve on some of their ills.

Jul you b

Social media companies are using technologies that are more advanced than your psychiatrist. They can exert change in your brain more easily then cognitive behavioral therapy. So I think it’s the end of those days when private companies so to speak Ken meddle in your thought processes, without some responsibility. Facebook is a drug you take with your eyes.  What responsibility goes with that?

Because fact checking has been widely used for censorship, my suggestion would be that at least on social media and possibly broader, fact checking needs to be discarded. I think the public needs to be reassured that the Internet and social media are a “wild West“ of bullshit. And the people you might be able to trust are your face to face therapists, face-to-face doctors, face-to-face mechanics, and face-to-face teachers.

Incentives should be provided to public schools who use uniforms. Three different tops and three different shorts and three different pants. The parents can agree. Potential for school Spirit by color.

When you grow up you’re gonna wear specific organization clothes or a uniform to work. Might as well get used to it. 

The high school and college curriculum needs to contain education on credit management and conflict resolution for better success with marriages.

The laws surrounding marriage and divorce should be less draconian, and more appropriate. There should be an algorithm into which numbers are pushed that decide all but a few cases that have to go immediately to jury currently that is about the way it goes except there are tens of thousands of dollars wasted on jockeying and positioning and arguing before you even decide you have to have a judge to sign it or not.

Contemplate beneficial legislation, for example lowering emissions, greenhouse gases emissions, reining in certain crimes, improving education, improving teacher salaries, the way to do that is to figure out how some wrinkly old white man in the north eastern United States can get rich by giving us better things. Because that’s not what they’re thinking about. They’re like an insurance company which takes in as much money as possible without giving anything back. But they know they have to give back so we get shite programs and printed money.

Should you even get married?

Marriage, is the strongest way that you can tell somebody that you love them, and that you want them, and you’re never going to go away. Sort of. There are two exceptions:

Giving them a kidney is stronger than marriage.

And when you swear to the officiant of the wedding and all the people present, that you will be true and by-their-side for the rest of your life, apparently only half of us actually carry that out.

Possibly less than half of us.

And I was thinking, for THAT kind of love, isn’t it worth the risk, even if 50%, risk of heartbreak and even cruelty?

Isn’t “true love“ worth any risk?

And then I was walking out of a Target and for some reason it occurred to me that when you have kids, you’re stirring THEM into the equation and, providing statistics hold: A 50% chance of coming from a broken home, with estranged even antagonistic parents.

(Not asserting that all parents end up at odds). But I’ll bet you know someone to whom that has happened.

So what am I saying? Three things. 

Firstly, that marriages today are founded on much less substance then in past decades: Our culture, and especially the social media that our kids are marinating in currently prioritizes that the man or woman has to be “fine”. And quite a few relationships begin with “hook ups“ which is a tenuous footing for a meaningful relationship to begin with.

Cheating has become so rampant, that a lot of young women compete for the position of “side chick“. 

Which, actually, I had thought about being a side chick, if you find the right greying dad or twentysomething trust fund kid, it can be highly lucrative. The best part is the wife takes care of the house, does half the household work, carries a lot of the domestic burden, and the side chick doesn’t have to do anything except get the gifts and go on nice dates. 

The second thing I’m saying is that our family-law system is broken, so that if your gamble on true love and the Fam doesn’t work out, you can be ruined! Not necessarily by your ex spouse, but by the legal system that tries to drag it out. And family lawyers and judges who naturally capitalize on the profitable dissolution of the family unit. The monies that can be had in the divorce of a couple, is considerable, and even an ethical person would be tempted to drag it out and antagonize a couple to hurt each other.

And thirdly, MOST IMPORTANTLY: Should you have a kid or three when you know that there is a better than 50% chance that you ARE going to land them in an unhappy home? 

In line with that, statistics show that fewer and fewer young people are even getting married. Probably having witnessed so much suffering in court rooms as their parents disassembled their lives with the “help“ of family law attorneys, who are “in on the game“.

And if you think I’m being overly pessimistic about family law, here’s a link to a bunch of attorneys and judges, and people providing testimonials and fact to this.


Cardi B Disappoints Fans

Fans of the talentless ‘Porn-rapper’ Cardi B were disappointed to hear that their favorite triple-X superstar is canceling her “I Drank a Complete Stranger’s Load” World Tour for a “lack of new songs”. 
Apparently Cardi B’s record company has witnessed  “waning interest” and even “boredom” among her demographic; middle-school girls, when gauging their enthusiasm for songs primarily dedicated to  detailed descriptions of how perfect-stranger’s penises feel, when they ejaculate into her mouth, her vagina or anus one-after-another on a dance-floor, or in church. 
The label also lamented her fan’s concomitant development of a taste for actual music instead of talentless, rapped pornography. 
The announcement of the tour cancellation came just in time, as her accountants were just about to start burning excess money on large outdoor bonfires because she had made so much money simply by being the first female rapper over 200 pounds to simply describe pornography in order to write songs.
When asked for comment, Cardi B said: “Oh hehhhhhh no. Fuck ALL y’all, y’all! Suck my phat azz. I’ll jus’ lose tebbinny pound an’ do sa’ REAH pone. Yaw go eat a bag uh’ dicks.”
Then, she laid down on a pallet of collapsed boxes going for recycling, (a classy hookup) and let a perfect stranger ejaculate into her vagina, and then she wrote a song about how proud she was of that, whooped once, and punched the air a few times and climbed up into a tree with a banana, without remembering being told moments before that she had pretty much ‘run that well dry’ and that people were kind of hoping for actual lyrics and an identifiable, talented melody. 

Won’t Eat Dry Food, So They Can’t Lose Weight

“He won’t eat plain dry food.”

“When I left her food dry, she went almost two days without eating. You said she’d eat, eventually. Wrong.”

“He hardly eats at all!”

“He’s always been fluffy!”

“How can he lose weight if he won’t eat the dry diet-food’?”

“Can I mix peanut-butter and ice-cream with the diet-food so he’ll eat it?”

“I won’t starve my dog.”

“He just needs more exercise.”

“The treats are very small!”


She’s Just Unreal

Like a movie, my life now….
This 'regular guy' gets financially and emotionally banged-up down through this life, and finally ends up with a kind, pretty, wonderful independent woman. And he's smitten. And his world starts to taste better and better.
And it's gradual that he realizes he's blossoming and that he's happier and happier with everything around him, and she saturates his existence with her patient, beautiful aura. So it's not an infatuation or delusion. He really has, finally, found good soil to grow in.
And then there's also this bitter-and-sweet moment where the audience realizes that he could have been happy his whole life if he had found what he 'actually needed' (true love) from the start, and not after making bad choices and living through the delusions and mistakes of younger, modern life.
Also the duality of reveling in being in love with the right person who fulfills him, but also the realization that eventually someone has to pass-on. Something that never actually bothered him about a spouse or partner before.
He spends these fantastic moments with her, cue the montage of laughter, travel, moments, intimacy, and then suddenly, (but no record-scratch) the audience is taken to an ultra- modern mental institution, and he's nearly 90 years old in a bed with tubes in and out of him. He slowly realizes he had never met Breia and that in fact she was a senile delusion or even something he experienced psychotically in his fifties. In fact, he had been married to his third battle-axe who wasn't even there by his death bed. She was off fighting over his estate.
A tear rolls down his cheek. He is about to die very alone.
And then, a hand slides onto the bed rail over his hand. And he looks up and it's Breia. She's 47 again just like always and she's smiling and she says “Don't worry. I'll always be with you. Come along now.” and roll credits.