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Anti-Cancer Protocol and Documentation

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Let’s dose this out for a dog that weighs about 66 pounds.

Flintstones Complete – Give one tablet per day

NAC 600mg – Give two caps per day

Rx Colchecine 0.6mg – 1.5 tablets by mouth once a day.

Rx Prednisone 20mg – Give 1+1/2 tablet twice a day for 14 days then 1+1/2 tablet per day long term.

Fenbendazole 1 gram packets – Give 1.5 packets by mouth daily for 3 days then 4 days off.

DHEA 100mg – Give 3 capsules by mouth once a day every day.

Geranyl Geraniol 150mg –  Give one capsule by mouth daily

TUDCA 250mg –  Give two caps by mouth once a day

Berberine 500mg – Give one capsule by mouth once a day

  • DMSO Fluids once a week
  • Costco Kirkland’s Signature Salmon and Sweet Potato dry dog food.

Read Joe Tippens actual protocol for humans if you want.

How much is Colchicine? The following prices are for NINETY tablets.