Facebook is Social Cancer.

Does it surprise you that as a “Facebook” company, that Instagram makes you sign up and log in to see their content? 

So if someone sends you a link to their Instagram, in order to see it, you have to sign up. Can’t just look.  As a result of wanting to indulge your friend and check out their baby shower pics, Facebook ‘necessarily’ gets a new victim to market to. Your privacy across more than TWO platforms gets invaded and amalgamated for advertisers. And *when* (not if) Facebook lets your information loose in a so-called ‘data breach’ the ads will show up in your FB and IG pages. And by “Data Breach” I mean Facebook got a deal they couldn’t refuse on the member-mailing list’s deep-details, and before the ads show up, they forewarn by saying “We had a data breach” and the cost to them is everybody has to change their password – BUT then tolerate a new barrage of strangely-well-targeted advertisements showing up everywhere, from their email box, social media accounts, mail, at work, on their phones. Data breach my fkn ass.  

They’ll be dissecting how “Facebook happened” in twenty years in utter disbelief. 

A hyper-sophisticated platform with unsophisticated and uninformed users. 

Zuckerberg actually IS the “Mark” of the Beast.