What’s Gutenberg?

One of the services we offer is “getting rid of Gutenberg”.

And people ask: “What’s this Gutenberg? Why’s it so bad?”

And the reason, for us at 6pm, is because somehow it made sense to the developer, but not to anyone else. We struggle to use it, and most people do. In the simplest of terms, instead of typing your blog, you drag a “block” into place, and fill it with text. Then you format it, and drag another block and fill and format that.

It seemed ‘easy’ to understand dragging ‘blocks’ of input (text or images) onto the editing field and populating it, but what most people wanted was “easy” and not trying to figure out how to use a ‘block’ and what to do to format it.

6pm doesn’t use Gutenberg. Below, you’ll see how it’s been rated since release and you’ll “get it” too.

That’s just in the last two months. There’s been no way to amend it, to make it “okay” with the average WordPress user.

What if I WANT Gutenberg?

If you like it, want it, need it, there’s no problem with keeping it. Gutenberg ships with regular WordPress. So without amendment, you get Gutenberg. It’s an extra step to rid you of it.

With apologies to Mr. or Mrs. Gutenberg,

The Nerds at 6pm