What’s GDPR Compliance?

European countries are very serious about the way personal and private data are stored, and how the data is used by websites that their citizens may visit. They believe that European visitors to web sites deserve to know whether a “cookie” is being placed on their device or browser, and what information is being gathered by that process, and what a website will do with that information.

We agree that folks should know what they’re surrendering as far as their privacy when visiting a web site.

So provisions have been put in place to inform visitors about all of the above. And those provisions are becoming increasingly important and even ‘required’ globally.

Most of us will not be troubled with GDPR compliance issues but if your web site was accommodating many European visitors, it could become a “thing”.

6pm offers GDPR compliant web amendment for $50 on websites we’ve put together on 6pm domain registration and hosting.

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