What’s “ADA Compliance?” And Why Is It Important?

“ADA Compliance” stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act,

….and it specifies certain features that a web site is “supposed” to have to accommodate the needs of Americans with Disabilities. Prominently, it’s the ability to have text read to the browser, and the easy ability to enlarge text and images with the press of a button.

Is ADA Compliance required by law?

No. Not yet, but efforts are underway.

Are people being sued for not being ADA Compliant?

Yes, wealthy people and businesses make good targets for frivolous (but profitable) law suits by attorneys who operate ‘like that’. Few of the lawsuits end up being decided in a court of law because they are baseless and currently no laws are being broken by a lack of ADA Compliance, but lawyers can file for themselves without much cost. So it costs very little to sue. It just costs a lot to defend, and the threat of running up the VICTIM’s legal bill prompts MOST entities to settle. The attorneys move on to another website-victim. Then the entities become ADA compliant. That may cost between $50 and $15,000 depending on who, you get to bring your site into compliance. The bigger bills kind of capitalize on a businesses’ ignorance of how easy it is to become compliant.

Another reason for ADA Compliance is that Google is rewarding ADA compliant sites with a small boost in the rankings.

Finally, and most importantly, there are a LOT of Americans with Disabilities and they will benefit from what you’re offering, too. So ADA Compliance contributes favorably to their experience.

ADA Compliance is one of our A La Carte offerings. It’s $50


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