What Causes Blacklisting, and What Is It?

What does it mean to be “blacklisted”?

Blacklisting is a thing Google does if it ever determines that your site is phishing, hacked, stealing ID, or misbehaving in any way. Most of the time, it’s not your fault. Sometimes bad people will install malware into your site and then the site will be ‘infected’ or ‘hacked’ and if Google “sees” your site like that, it will protect ‘the world’ by “blacklisting” your site. You’re shunned.

Means, your web site literally disappears from search results. Fast.

It’s not permanent. But it’s a pain to get ‘un-shunned’ and it doesn’t work to talk to Dwight Shrute. There are services that can put your site back in front of Google and show them that your website is “okay now” and they’ll un-blacklist you.

There are many ways to avoid being hacked. One of those is by deleting any Themes, or Plugins that you’re not actually using. Certain hosting providers can put a “watch” on your hosted site that checks daily for malware. The idea is that they’ll find a hack, sooner than Google will and you won’t get blacklisted. There’s a plug in called “Securi” that can make a snap shot of your web site and if anything happens that changes the server-side of it, you get a note. Promptly.

There’s a plugin by Akismet that can reduce or eliminate several kinds of hack, spam and malware. It should be considered. Securi Security protects 6pm.net

We’ll work something out when we build your site.



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