What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are basically “other web sites that link to YOUR web site”

Sometimes Google looks at a person’s web site and sees NO links to it, and figures “That site is unimportant. No one thinks enough of it to link to any of its data.” and the web site gets downtuned in the search engine.

If Google sees lots of “people” (websites) linking to your site it ‘thinks’ “That site is probably awesome” and boosts you in the search engines. It doesn’t matter at all if your content is good, accurate or of high quality. Google doesn’t care.

There are two kinds of back links.

One type of back link is just a link. It could be from a horticulture blog linking to a car parts place. That’s not a very valuable backlink. In fact, if MOST of your backlinks come from “weird” unrelated places, Google may even say “That’s weird, I wonder if it’s real?” and downtune you in the search engines.

The SECOND kind of backlink is “valuable” because it links off a keyword in your site. So, if your site deals with cars, and the backlink came from an antique car club newsletter or forum, it would be a beneficial link. Those are considerably harder to get.

6pm gives everyone about 2,000 unparsed, “just-okay” backlinks for $10. For $50 more, you can get about 1,500 links that are ‘good’ from actually-related sites, blogs and forums.

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