This is LITERALLY where you wouldn’t touch your computer until it was time to write and post your first blog entry. We would LITERALLY create all your accounts, populate them with domains, install WordPress and configure everything.

When we’re done you will have a WordPress site in your own domain on a shared server, padlocked and privatized with 2,000 backlinks, full social media presence from Instagram to Youtube with Facebook and Twitter in between, online storage for your automatic backups, email accounts with your name and domain, automatically backing up to the cloud and fast as a jack rabbit with SEO and cache software installed.

There is ONE thing we will never, ever do and that is: Configure a WordPress Theme. We will install it. And make sure it works. But ‘design work’ isn’t our bag. If we HAD to ‘dress up’ a theme, we’d charge a thousand dollars. Fortunately, the theme designer will often help you with configuration, especially if you get your Theme from “Envato


The Turn Key Done For You Service starts at $500 charged via any of: Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, Paypal, other.

$500 all-inclusive, complete items 1-26 below, with paid-for “great hosting” for 1 year

$650 all-inclusive, complete items 1-26 below, with paid-for “even better” hosting for 1 year

$800 all-inclusive, complete items 1-26 below, with paid-for “top-notch-ridiculous business class” hosting for 1 year

$1,000 all-inclusive, complete, with paid-for top-notch-ridiculous business class hosting for 1 year PLUS ADA, GDPR compliance, Monster Insights and integrated Google Analytics. Literally everything that can be done for a WordPress web site. will literally:

  1. Create a new account
  2. Register one domain on your behalf from within your account
  3. Privatize your domain to protect your identity from the public
  4. Secure one of three hosting accounts with cPanel (Great, Even Better, or Amazing)
  5. Set up an SMTP Hosted Email within your hosting account
  6. Create a consolidated, password-protected site headquarters, password and private links page (Very Important)
  7. Install WordPress on your domain in your hosting account
  8. Configure and clean up WordPress for the first time
  9. Install Classic Editor and disable Gutenberg
  10. Make your WordPress installation postable by email
  11. Install and configure WordPress backup software
  12. Create a Dropbox account to send backup files to
  13. Install and configure cache software
  14. Install and configure image compression software
  15. We will install a theme, and we’re fond of Pixify.
  16. Set up a Gmail account on your behalf
  17. Set up an email ‘forward’ to allow any of:   or  (nice and short!)
  18. Procure and set up Youtube account for you
  19. Procure and set up Twitter account for you
  20. Procure and set up Instagram account for you
  21. Procure and set up Facebook account for you
  22. Procure and set up Linked In account for you
  23. Create Facebook / Site / Youtube header image from business card
  24. Create a site benchmark and testing site page
  25. GIF Image making software and “how to” creation tutorial. Trust us, you can DO this if you have a smart phone.
  26. Create 2,000 Back Links to your site


ADA Compliance installation $50

GDPR Compliance installation $50

Create 1,500 high-quality, parsed backlinks  $50

Install Monster Insights and configure with Google Analytics $50