The following are reserved for new registrants of domains AND hosting with If your site is registered elsewhere and hosted in yet another place, that’s not “the end of the world” but we may have to work around that. In almost all cases you will start saving a LOT of money by moving to another registrar and host. Especially if you’re still with Networksolutions, or still hosting with Worldnic or Godaddy.

You can register your domain with and host separately with it’s not a big deal to manage the registrar and the hosting account separately. It’s easier to do it all with the domain name registered with, and hosted by Hostgator. Godaddy offers really, REALLY subpar hosting and even worse support for it.

The best hosting comes from Hostgator and they offer three kinds, “Hatchling, Baby and Business” and frankly, Baby is probably the best – but for an extra $2 a month ($24 a year more) you can go “Business” and it’s somewhat better. (Services that don’t matter to the average consumer)

Some Hostgator hosting packages come with a free domain name registration when you sign up. That’s a pretty good deal considering it’s easier to register and host on the same server. GoDaddy offers the second worst hosting I have ever used. Which is surprising because their registrar services are bulletproof.

This is the “Easier” Website creation avenue and usually costs $300 and covers everything below:

What we’re talking about here is the “easier” (not Easiest) service where you simply visit Hostgator or GoDaddy, and register one or more domains. When you have your domains registered, and your hosting account secured (cPanel based) and a payment method with your account, we will come in and:

  1. Privatize your domain to protect your identity from the public (actual uninflated cost charged to your registrar account.)
  2. Set up an SMTP Hosted Email within your cPanel enabled hosting account
  3. Create a consolidated, password-protected site headquarters, password and private links page (Very Important)
  4. Install WordPress on your domain in your hosting account.
  5. Configure and clean up WordPress for the first time.
  6. Install Classic Editor and disable Gutenberg.
  7. Make your WordPress installation postable by email.
  8. Install and configure WordPress backup software.
  9. Create a Dropbox account to send backup files to.
  10. Install and configure cache software.
  11. Install and configure software to create tables.
  12. Install and configure software to optimize searches within your site.
  13. Install and configure software to block hackers and protect your code.
  14. Install and configure software to make your site GDPR compliant (Cookies consent notice only)
  15. Install and configure software that makes your site ADA Compliant.
  16. Install and configure image compression software.
  17. We will install a theme and make it look good, and we’re familiar with lots of themes.
  18. Set up a Gmail account on your behalf* (Even Youtube mail contains adware and clickbait, we don’t mess with ’em.)
  19. Set up an email ‘forward’ to allow any of:   or  (nice and short!)
  20. If desired: Procure and set up (but not populate) Youtube account for you*
  21. If desired: Procure and set up (but not populate) Twitter account for you*
  22. If desired: Procure and set up (but not populate) Instagram account for you*
  23. If desired: Procure and set up (but not populate) Facebook account for you*
  24. If desired: Procure and set up (but not populate) Linked In account for you*
  25. Create Facebook / Site / Youtube header image from business card.
  26. Create a site benchmark and testing site page for you or your website nerd.
  27. GIF Image making software and “how to” creation tutorial. Trust us, you can DO this if you have a smart phone.
  28. Create 2,000 Back Links to your site.

A la carte options:

  • Creation of thousands and thousands of targeted, relevant high quality back links to your site.  ($50 USD)
  • Add full GDPR compliance for EU websites. ($50 USD)
  • Customizable, self branded ADA compliance ($50 USD)
  • Configure Monster Insights and Google Analytics (a huge, inefficient PITA) $150 I never want to do it. So I charge a lot.

Important: is providing pro bono websites on a case-by-case basis, usually to nonprofits, rescues, religious organizations and other philanthropies. If you’re getting a pro bono site, some of the above options are bypassed or left to the owner of the site.

*Requires a new email account be created. No big deal. You may be required to ‘confirm’ some emails as these free accounts are validated.

You will need to provide us with your Hostgator and/or Godaddy account logins unless you want to change nameservers yourself. After we’re done you can change your password. We won’t need to get in again.