The following are available to new customers / registrants and hosting accounts with


  1. account with registered domain and valid payment method (
  2. cPanel-based hosting account through (Click)

For customers who’ve registered their domain through and hosted the account in a cPanel based server or hosting account, we’re happy to provide the following services on an ‘a la carte” piece-by-piece basis*. (Folks at can do all these things, too, for about $45 per job!)

  1. Register domains on your behalf from within your account – cost plus $3/ea
  2. Privatize your domains to protect your identity from the public – cost plus $3/ea
  3. Set up SMTP Hosted Email within your hosting account – $10
  4. Create a consolidated, password-protected site headquarters, password and private links page – $5
  5. Install WordPress on your domain in your hosting account – $5
  6. Configure and clean up WordPress for the first time – $5
  7. Install Classic Editor and disable Gutenberg – $5
  8. Make your WordPress installation postable by email – $20 (requires an SMTP hosted email account and cPanel with
  9. Install and configure WordPress backup software – $10
  10. Create a Dropbox account to send backup files to – $10
  11. Install and configure cache software – $5
  12. Install and configure image compression software – $5
  13. will not (ever) CONFIGURE a theme for your WordPress site. We will install a theme and spruce it up, and we’re fond of Pixify.
  14. Set up a Gmail account on your behalf – $5
  15. Set up an email ‘forward’ to allow any of:   or  (nice and short!) – $3/ea
*You will need to grant access to your domain registration account and your hosting account. It’s easier to register AND host with the same company. Hostgator has great hosting. GoDaddy has extremely poor hosting options and even worse customer support for hosting. GoDaddy is great for registering domains however. We’ll use the “payment on file” to secure the additional items needed and “as needed” depending on what you request.

The following are based on an email address created from your domain

For example: or

  1. Procure and set up Youtube account for you – $10
  2. Procure and set up Twitter account for you – $10
  3. Procure and set up Instagram account for you – $10
  4. Procure and set up Facebook account for you – $10
  5. Procure and set up Linked In account for you – $10

Create Facebook / Site / Youtube header image from business card – $10

Create a site benchmark and testing site page – $5

ADA Compliance installation – $50

GDPR Compliance installation – $50

GIF Image making software and “how to” creation tutorial. Trust us, you can DO this if you have a smart phone. – $5

Create 2,000 Back Links to your site – $10

Create 1,500 high-quality, parsed backlinks – $50

Install Monster Insights and configure with Google Analytics – $150