Cpanel Hosting

Cpanel Hosting has a selection of hosting providers that vary from single domain hosting accounts that last for years, to business-class 4 and 6 CPU VPS servers with Hostgator. Depending on what you want, we’ll situate your web site on one of these servers. For the Easy site, you may pay a very small fee for hosting. For the Easier site, you will get a better server space, faster server and it will cost a little bit more. Still less than $50-$100 a year though. And finally, for the “Easiest” offering, we put your site on the fastest server we have, and the fees are covered by the flat rate cost of the ‘Easiest” offering. only works with cPanel hosting, DirectAdmin, or cPanel clone.

The best hosting I have found is with Hostgator. Their Baby Plan is the best for the price and includes a free domain name registration all in one place.