Picking A Great Password

Recently, the Google browser has been creating passwords for people. They are monstrous passwords, and chrome remembers them for you. Which is nice as long as you’re on a chrome browser. Later, you’re on your phone, and there’s no way you’re going to remember their 25 character password.

To create a good password that you can memorize, just pick a seven or eight letter word that you can remember. Start with a capital letter and alternate upper and lower case as you finish the word. Put a $ on the Front of it, and your birth year on the end of it and you’re good to go.

If you can remember the word and how you change to the capitalization, you can always remember your super high-quality password. Here’s an example




Nine out of 10 password dialog boxes will give that a super green rating, with one exception: if the word you choose is your name or a dictionary term, they will probably throw it out.

With love,

The 6pm Nerds