A Few Words on Trump

Just so you know, I am scared to death that Trump, or Biden will be reelected. I am desperately unsure of either of their mental aptitude this time. Before you label me a conservative, let’s keep this in mind, I would prefer to be thought of as socially liberal, but fiscally conservative. In other words, I would love to see everything the liberals are pushing for well, almost everything the liberals push for as far as the environment and social liberties, while on the other hand, having the money to pay for it without creating impossible amount of inflation and other financial woes.

Unlimited Vet-authored Pet Fish & Dog / Cat Pet Health Information


DrJohnson.com is one of the most comprehensive online fish and pet health resources available today, dedicated to providing people with access to a wealth of knowledge and educational materials. It offers a variety of free resources, ranging from articles to to videos, downloads, ebooks, images, and audio clips. With so much to choose from, this web site can be overwhelming—but don’t fret! We’ve compiled a shortlist of the best resources DrJohnson.com has to offer, so you can make the most of your time browsing the site.

First and foremost, DrJohnson.com boasts an array of encyclopedia-style articles, with topics ranging from Ammonia and Water Quality to Zoonosis and Viruses. These articles are written in a casual, easy-to-follow tone of voice, making them perfect for any level of educational interest. In addition, the website features helpful videos and slideshows, as well as structured lessons outlining key concepts in various aquatic animal medicine subjects. Whether you’re looking to brush up on the fundamentals of fish care or learn the basics of koi virology, DrJohnson.com has you covered.

DrJohnson.com’s database of helpful facts and care tips is another of its best and most interesting resources. Here, you can find things like fish care technology and facts about the best ways to keep fish and pets healthy, interesting tidbits about proper feeding of dogs, and even references to scientific discoveries and downloads. For the geek in all of us, this area of the website is invaluable.

Finally, the downloads available on DrJohnson.com can be especially helpful for those studying pet health. With downloads covering over 100 subjects, this site has something for everyone—whether you’re a first-time puppy owner, a seasoned dog trainer or a koi aficionado. 

All in all, DrJohnson.com is a fantastic online resource full of educational, fun, and interesting materials. Whether you’re a student, teacher, or just an avid explorer of knowledge, this website has something for you. So next time you’re looking for a useful source of information on pet health, look no further than DrJohnson.com.

“Don’t Wait to Train Your Puppy – Discover the Incredible, Time-Saving Secret to Housebreaking Your New Best Friend at Drjohnson.com Now!”

There's an article at DrJohnson.com about housebreaking a puppy
Here's a super-excited description:
“Don't Wait to Train Your Puppy – Discover the Incredible, Time-Saving Secret to Housebreaking YourNew Best Friend at Drjohnson.com Now!”
Seriously? omfg
It's a housebreaking article. It's good.

Research Intended to Create Dog Breed With 20 Disfiguring Genetic Deformities

Researchers are closing in on over TWENTY genetic disorders in a single breed of dog and the dogs are now available for people everywhere to purchase.
For the entire article on this breed of dog that has combined twenty+ disorders, here you go:
To be “counted” as breed-endemic, the defects have to appear in more than 70% of the offspring, or present at 10-times the incidence of any other breed.
1. Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome
2. Intervertebral Disc Disease
3. Cherry Eye
4. Hip Dysplasia
5. Elbow Dysplasia
6. Allergies
7. Skin Problems
8. Heart Murmurs
9. Hypothyroidism
10. Eye Problems
11. Luxating Patellas
12. Entropion
13. Ectropion
14. Inverted Tail
15. Hemivertebrae
16. Cleft Palate
17. Congenital Heart Defects
18. Kidney Disease
19. Bladder Stones
20. Allergic Dermatitis

Bad kids

These are nobodies children. And probably haven’t been parented since their folks passed out on the couch when they were five and seven. I’m not saying it’s easy to be a Parent when you’re blind drunk. Nor am I picking on that situation. But kids that live with no respect for adults, never had respect for their own parent or parents. 
There is a “karmic justice“ for parents who failed to give their children a respectful outlook, and that is: That without respectful deference to an employer, they will always find their way back to your basement. And that means, a sweaty little room in the basement full of Cheetos-bags and video games until you attempt to retire. Lol. 
But, like so many things that appear on social media boards, I would say that 99.9% of adults know this.  
Some people talk, because they like the sound of their own voice. I like to talk just cause I like the clackety-clack of my own keyboard.  😂

Pet Health Videos of Note

If you're looking for some pet health videos, including fish, koi and goldfish diseases, illness, pathogens, infection and treatments, look no further. I've got you. Here's a list of the more 'important' videos on this, and more.
There are, among these, lots of my videos on dog and cat issues including the two most important element of longevity. And then on top of that, more than a hundred videos that ARE NOT listed herein, done by me.

Key Videos From My Youtube Channel

Delayed Shot Reactions are rare but life-threatening.

What is My PERSONAL Reasoning For My “Skinny Dog Crusade”? (Video)

Woodpecker Feeding Will Spare You Early Wake Ups Eating Your House.

Crushing Pills and Using Liquid to Get Tough Dogs and Cats “Pilled”

My Dog's Licking His Feet! What Should I Do? (Atopic Allergies)

Shakey Shaky Leg Tremors in Older Dogs Common (Video)

How To Use Every Medicine All At Once to Cure Skin Diseases and Itching

Inducing Vomiting in Dogs – Using OTC Hydrogen Peroxide

What Does Post Nasal Drip Hack and Wretch Look Like? (Video)

Socking the Front Leg of a Dog (Video)

Apoquel (Audio track detailed)

Dental Health Extends Life (As does a low bodyweight for dogs and cats)

Cytopoint – Video Introduction and Explanation

Oxyfresh Video Introduction and Explanation Clinical Experiences

Reverse Sneeze / PND Hack and Gack Video What It Looks Like (Video)

Knuckle Bones My Favorite Beef Bone Dental Exercise is Scrapey “How To”

“Down in the Back Arthritis Old Dogs Strategies”

Fish Stress is caused by Fish Pathogens, Fish Parasites and FIsh Illness and Fish Infections are the natural outcome.

A.I. is generating a whole new wave of information to be re-purposed and re-posted in fish health web sites, by all kinds of people, most of whom don't even keep fish but want to populate a website to impress Google, and capture your Affiliate Ad dollar.

And in the process, will be giving out recycled, even incomplete or incorrect information about Fish Disease.

Aquarium health isn't going to be covered much better by these AI Generated resources. Fish Illness, same. People want to learn about fish symptoms but that's a problem because the fish symptoms of Ammonia poisoning are indistinguishable from the fish symptoms of PH crash.

Finally swinging around to Fish Treatment, the art of saving sick fish – which will be woefully lacking because current fish treatments are based on medications that are still, and actually available. Fish treatments like Clout, for example, are off the market but AI doesn't know this.

Fish Medicine is still rapidly developing but not much has changed in the fishes' lives. Water Quality is king.

Fish Parasites are almost-constantly a source of Fish Infection, because the parasites cause deterioration and stress in the fishes' skin, it's primary defense against disease. Fish infection is quick to take hold.

All of this including water quality are contributors to fish stress which is the primary if not-only cause of fish vulnerability to disease. Some would say that if the fish weren't stressed by handling, water quality or parasites, crowding or poor nutrition, they would be practically immune to disease.

A host of fish pathogens of many kinds including bacteria, viruses and fish parasites are ready to attack a vulnerable fish and all the fish medicine in the world won't save a fish that's still under Fish Stress.

1. Fish Disease is covered more thoroughly at https://koivet.com or https:drjohnson.com

2. Aquarium Health is covered more thoroughly at https://drjohnson.com

3. Fish Illness is covered more thoroughly at https://savingsickfish.org

4. Fish Symptoms is covered more thoroughly at https://fishdoc.co.uk

5. Fish Treatment is covered more thoroughly at https://fishtreatments.com

6. Fish Medicine is covered more thoroughly at https://fishtreatments.com

7. Fish Parasites is covered more thoroughly at https://drjohnson.com or https://koivet.com

8. Fish Infection is covered more thoroughly at https://amzn.to/40soyE7

9. Fish Stress is covered more thoroughly at https://koivet.com or https://pondkeeping.com

10. Fish Pathogens are covered more thoroughly at https://johnsonvet.com or https://jvsvet.com or even https://koivet.com or https://fishdoc.co.uk

We'll cover all the following in the above web sites:
1. Fish Disease 2. Aquarium Health 3. Fish Illness 4. Fish Symptoms 5. Fish Treatment 6. Fish Medicine 7. Fish Parasites 8. Fish Infection 9. Fish Stress 10. Fish Pathogens