Idiotic things that Cardi B has said. (Sort of, everything she’s ever said.)

Wonderful quotes by Cardi B

“You know when a girl is getting fucked? I ain’t worried about no Plan B, but I’m not tryna say getting fucked and getting ejaculations in my pussy. I’m trying to talk about when I sucky. I don’t suck the dick, I eat the dick. You know what I’m saying? I’ll take the whole nut. Like, real bitches take the whole nut. Sperm is wealth. No, sperm his health.”

^^ I’m pretty sure she made this into a song, next. It looks almost verbatim. And then, in order to look “woke“ the Grammys gave her a present.

“You know, I did a video a very long time ago, about two years ago. It went extremely viral. I cannot even believe that it went viral. But it was very cold. I was in North Carolina, and I had a bra, and a fucking skirt, and I said, “You know a hoe never gets cold.” And I said that, because bitches, us bitches, we don’t be giving a fuck about the weather. Bitch if I wanna wear this shit, I don’t give a fuck. And I’m going to wear with no fucking coat. Because I want motherfuckers to see this outfit! So many people use that line, “A hoe never gets cold.” So y'all already know. You know what the motto is. You know my rules. You know what I’m about. Bitch, wear that dress. It don’t matter if it’s fucking 10° outside. Take that hypothermia for fashion. We gonna take that hypothermia for fashion. A hoe never gets cold. Ya heard me?”

^^ If my daughter admired this hoe, or looked up to her, I would hold my kid underwater until she stopped struggling. 

“My first piece of jewelry, my most expensive piece of jewelry, was a Patek watch*. A $100,000 watch. A lot of these rappers, they get jewelry, but for some reason, when I got it, it went so viral and everybody was talking about it. Because a lot of people like to call me broke. And it kind of bothered me, because I know that I’m not. But then again I feel like it’s so unnecessary to be like, “Oh I’m not broke! Look at all this shmoney that I got in my bank!” I’m not going to post up what’s in my bank account and I’m not the type of person to be like, “Yeah look at all this shmoney that I got. What’s good?” Because it’s kind of tacky, and you could get robbed too. You can get robbed, and it’s like when some people ask me for money, I be like, “I don’t got it.” And I don’t want them to know that I got it. So, I’m just not gonna… I’m just gonna let what I wear and what I have talk for itself. Like, alright. I’m a broke bitch with a fucking $100,000 watch. I’m a fly-ass, bum bitch. Damn I’m one fly-ass, dusty-ass bitch. It’s good to be a bum. So, that’s what I was talking about.”

^^ She can afford to ramble. The watch had hands on it, and she had to learn how to use it watch with hands on it.

“KSR is my management. My management is called KSR. My managers, they made a whole group, and they have a lot of talent. My homegirl Hood Celebrity, she’s an artist there. Josh X, he’s an artist. Cashflow Harlem, he’s an artist that’s under my label. Swift On Demand, he’s a producer under my label. Jay White, he’s a producer under my label. And it’s just like, KSR chill, y'all! We’re gonna go to the top. Yo, I got this. My Delawarean publicist, she’s KSR. Slutmonkey.”

^^ The dream team of mathematicians, marketing consultants, metric-analysts, and accountants.

“When I said that part, I wasn’t tryna talk about filters. Like, the filters for my face. Nah. Sometimes I gotta use the fucking filter for my face. I be looking crusty, sometimes. But no filter, I don’t got no filter in my mouth. I don’t filter what I say. That’s what I’m tryna say. But when it comes to the real filters, nah bitch! You’re better put a filter on this fucking video. The fuck? You better make me look fucking pretty.”

^^Much easier said, then done. She was working on the record for the number of times she could put the word “fuck” in a paragraph.

“That’s that lingo. It’s like, you be on that thottery. Like, bitch you be thottin' around. You just be suckin' and fuckin' for free. Because I’m not even gonna call a bitch a hoe. Like, to some people, a hoe is a bad word, but to me it’s not a bad word. To me, a hoe is a bitch that’s fuckin' and doin' what she gotta do for bread. Thots, though? Like, bitch you a fuckin' thot. You fuckin' the world for free. You be on that thottery. Sucking dick for nothing. Fuck outta here. How you suckin' dick and fuckin' everybody and your rent is not paid and everything? You be on that thottery. You need to get on that hoe'ry!”

^^ I don’t know how other people take her seriously at all she’s like some kind of animal with a pen. Or a cat with oil paint on its paws marking up a canvas. She’s just talking about being a dumb slut. Songs, lifestyle, and grammar of a dumb uneducated whore. And it’s artistic?

THC in Grams: That’s How “They” Discuss Delta 8 THC in Dogs

It’s obvious to an outside observer that CBD manufacturers have everything to lose with THC becoming more and more accessible. 

CBD doesn’t work without micro-traces of THC. 
Which is fine if you use CBD with less than 0.3% THC and give enough to hit some THC-mark that works. 
But I believe that THC in one form, or another (Delta-8) is here to stay and should be embraced. 
The following article shows that THC isomer Delta-8 being discussed in GRAMS is an effective way to demonize it, versus acknowledging that in MILLIgrams (a thousand times less) –  It’s safe. 

Let’s look at Delta 8 use in dogs. Specifically: DELTA 8 isomer of THC, by mouth, in dogs.

There are NO articles on the Internet that SPECIFICALLY address the use of THC-Isomer Delta 8 in dogs, canines. There ARE however hundreds of articles that have been mashed up, and TITLED to contain information about THC isomer Delta 8 –  however ALL of those articles are variations of practically a SINGLE article that appeared on a University website, which was written by biased authors providing disinformation thusly:

  • That THC Delta 8 Isomer is toxic in dogs.
  • That the symptoms of administering ANY dose of THC Delta 8 isomer are identical to dangerous, documented overdosage with THC in-general.
  • Reference ONLY articles that highlight the symptoms, doses and management of animals receiving the LD50 of full-spectrum tetra-hydro-cannabinol.

In other words, the articles are a DISINFORMATION effort to demonize Delta-8 THC Isomer use in dogs simply by attributing research on THC overdose as symptoms of any THC Delta 8 isomer dosing. Practically all instances of this information end up by suggesting the purchase of a “safer” CBD Product from the website. Delta 8 THC is dangerous? Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, the LD50 of THC Isomer Delta 8 in dogs is THIRTY TIMES the doses that you’d actually use for therapeutic effect in dogs.

Let’s look at Delta 8 use in dogs. Specifically: DELTA 8 isomer of THC, by mouth, in dogs. Not full THC. And not at overdose.

Beta Blocker Atenolol to Modify Heart Rate and Blood Pressure in Cats: Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Atenolol is a beta blocker commonly used by veterinarians to treat specific heart rhythm problems, hypertension, or hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in cats. This class of drugs works to block the beta specific receptors which in turn can reduce symptoms such as artificially increased blood sugar, a too-fast heart rate, and increased blood pressure – similar to the effects of an ‘adrenalin rush’.

Interesting Summary Points:

  1. Using beta blockers in cats with HCM did not influence symptoms
  2. Using beta blockers in cats with HCM did not extend or shorten life
  3. Beta blockers did reduce blood pressure and reduce heart rate which are desirable in HCM cases
  4. Beta blockers are well tolerated by cats and their dosing is pretty consistent and well worked out.
  5. Metoprolol is, at this writing, discontinued.

Use of Gabapentin in Cats

It's interesting to look at articles on the use of Gabapentin in cats and see how “different” the author's takeaway is, from the actual results of the study. I think it has to do with how deeply a reader or veterinarian actually digs into the references.
Here's an example: An author makes assessments and assertions about the effectiveness of Gabapentin in cats and says that it helps. But neglects that every single study they referenced ALSO used other medications WITH the Gabapentin.
So, I tried to be careful in assessing this.
I mean, it looks good?
But just how good, I am doubtful honestly.
No harm I am sure. The drug is super safe.
But I think for the immediate future, there's a lot of “overpromising” going on.
Check it out at and there are a half-dozen downloads from the different authors of the studies. They are not my property nor did I write them.

Auxiliary Treatments for Renal Failure Cases Receiving Fluid Therapy

Who is the consumer of this article? Dr Johnson’s face-to-face customer. If you are reading this outside that valid veterinary-client patient relationship, consider it ‘random’ and for entertainment purposes only.

Auxiliary Treatments For Canines with Renal Failure

When the kidney is failing, there are two “”numbers” that increase, which give a “measurement” of okayness. There are other numbers that matter, too of course.

The BUN is a number that can be “sky high” without portending the end of the dog. There is no “high” that signaled the end of the dog. So I don’t prognosticate based on that number.

The CREATININE is a key number to judge cases by. “IN general” a CREAT over 4.0 after fluid therapy and diagnosing “other reasons” for the kidney disease; portends a poor prognosis.

However, if the dog has Leptospirosis or Kidney infection or is young, or is responding to therapy – IT DOES NOT MATTER what the Creatinine is; because the case is already exceptional and treatments are more likely to work.

Non-traditional modalities like TUMS, Baking Soda, Vitamin C, and a good multivitamin all have benefits for Kidney failure cases. Learn how:

Canine ectropion, dog rolled-out-eyelid

Canine ectropion is a condition that requires attention and appropriate management to prevent potential comorbidities and discomfort in dogs. Recognizing the symptoms early can help prompt veterinary intervention. Treatments range from medical management to surgical correction, depending on the severity of the ectropion. Without treatment, dogs may experience chronic eye problems, discomfort, and a decreased quality of life.

Pretty comprehensive article I wrote, 800 words over at

A Gift of Custom Burl Wood Ring from My Customer

I’ve seen these wooden rings before but I doubted their durability and value. Then I saw some close up. In fact, I GOT some from my client, who is one of the best burl wood ring craftsmen out there. He has an Etsy shop and his rings carry a $5 replacement guarantee. So I thought: “I can get behind that” and now, I know exactly what to buy for “difficult” people at Christmas and birthdays. 
Here’s a brief discussion (with pictures) of these rings, how they’re made and HOW THEY ARE SO STRONG. By Doug Wrege, at
Below, the link to the full length article with pictures.

Random Panting Dogs, Older Dogs Unexplained Panting


Good Morning

I'm not sure if I need to be worried…

Last night wasn't as bad as 2 nights ago (photo on sofa)  My older dog was panting pretty heavy.  She's now lying down, and her heavy breathing almost always slows then.  She does well on walks.  All other behavior remains the same.  Loves to eat and beg. Drinks water. Appetite unchanged.  I know air quality has been bad.  She's inside (73 degrees) all day except walk and maybe 30 minutes in yard.  Usually a walk around the perimeter, then sitting on deck enjoying nature.


There's nothing that would make me worry very much but if the rapid panting at rest is  “really a thing” –  ( So noticeable and so suddenly ) that is disruptive AND unexplainable, I can check her out. 'There are at least three things that cause panting, with pain in the lead, existential angst third, and then “decreased pulmonary compliance” in third. 

Cardiac failure or pneumonia are practically impossible because other symptoms would be present. In spite of that, the franchise vets love an Xray, Holter monitor, bloodwork, echocardiogram, EKG, MRI and transtracheal wash and culture of recovered fluids. $4,000 

Decreased pulmonary compliance is that gradual process where a chest (ribcage) gets more and more stiff. Like a puppy is entirely compressible, and can fit through narrow spaces, an elderly dog has a stiff barrel-chest.  It's “normal” as they get older and older and then causes these bouts of shallow panting where the dog acts like nothing-at-all is wrong. 

Pain, the most common cause of panting, can be pancreatic, back, hips and knees, even bladder or teeth. But normally the owner has extra-signs to support or tip-us-off to those issues. 

“Existential Angst” also known as Sundowners, and Night Pacers, the dogs can be going deaf, and their vision may be closing in, and it causes the dogs to be anxious and even have quick panting bouts (like little anxiety-attacks) and still act “pretty normal” but the owners usually supply that “She seems kinda anxious when these events occur.” 

Severe Concentric Left Ventricular Hypertrophy

Severe concentric left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) is a medical condition characterized by the thickening of the muscular walls of the left ventricle of the heart. In this essay, we will delve into the diagnosis, causes, prognosis, treatments, and estimated lifespan of patients with severe concentric LVH.

The diagnosis of severe concentric LVH begins with a thorough medical history, physical examination, and assessment of symptoms. Physicians often use imaging techniques such as echocardiography, cardiac MRI, or computed tomography (CT) scans to evaluate the thickness of the left ventricular walls. These tests also help determine the overall structure and function of the heart.
Severe concentric LVH can result from various underlying conditions or factors. One of the primary causes is hypertension (high blood pressure), which forces the left ventricle to work harder to pump blood throughout the body. Other contributing factors may include aortic valve stenosis (narrowing of the aortic valve), hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (a genetic condition causing thickening of the heart muscle), or systemic diseases like amyloidosis or Fabry disease.
The prognosis for individuals with severe concentric LVH depends on several factors, including the underlying cause, the presence of associated conditions, and the individual's response to treatment. If left untreated, severe LVH can lead to complications such as heart failure, arrhythmias, and increased risk of cardiovascular events. However, with appropriate management and lifestyle changes, the prognosis can be improved.
The treatment of severe concentric LVH aims to address the underlying cause and manage the associated symptoms. Lifestyle modifications play a crucial role and may include weight loss, regular exercise, a heart-healthy diet, and blood pressure control. Medications such as beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers, or angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors (ACE inhibitors) may be prescribed to reduce blood pressure and alleviate symptoms. In some cases, surgical interventions like aortic valve replacement or myectomy (removal of a portion of thickened heart muscle) might be necessary.
Estimated Lifespan:
The estimated lifespan of patients with severe concentric LVH can vary widely depending on multiple factors. The underlying cause, the presence of additional comorbidities, the response to treatment, and individual variability all contribute to the overall prognosis. It is important to note that severe concentric LVH increases the risk of cardiovascular complications, which can potentially reduce life expectancy. However, with appropriate medical management and a healthy lifestyle, individuals can lead fulfilling lives. Regular monitoring, adherence to treatment plans, and close collaboration with healthcare professionals are essential to optimizing outcomes.
In conclusion, severe concentric left ventricular hypertrophy is a condition characterized by the thickening of the left ventricular walls of the heart. It can be caused by various factors, most notably hypertension. The prognosis and estimated lifespan of patients with severe concentric LVH depend on the underlying cause, associated conditions, and response to treatment. Lifestyle modifications, medications, and, in some cases, surgical interventions are employed to manage the condition. While severe LVH poses risks, appropriate medical management and a healthy lifestyle can improve outcomes and allow individuals to lead fulfilling lives. Regular monitoring and collaboration with healthcare professionals are crucial for optimizing the prognosis of patients with severe concentric LVH.