6pm.net is the brainchild of Dr Erik Johnson

The idea is to provide better-than-average pricing on excellent domain registrations and hosting for people who want to take advantage of 6pm.net’s special offers. We’re here for individuals, small groups, and small businesses*.

All you’ll do is write, and upload images to go with your stories. 

As a 6pm.net client, when you have a domain in mind and would like us to provide 6pm’s registration, WordPress deployment, optimization, backup and cache implementations, we’ll take care of that for you. Easily, More Easily, or the Easiest Way.

The terms and conditions are pretty simple:

A domain registered through Godaddy, or better still; Hostgator –  and which contains a WordPress installation for the domain will be set up and optimized by staff here at 6pm.net. After the initial optimization including the order of hundreds of backlinks to your new site, the remainder of your server-side support will be provided by the professionals who back up 6pm.net

Obviously 6pm doesn’t have underground bunkers with state-of-the-art data centers and a billion dollars worth of hardware. We’re partnered with the single largest online registrar / hosting provider in the world. So we rely on secureserver.net or Hostgator.com to provide their legendary customer support for all the things that go bump in the night. Anything breaks, they’re here to fix it. We love ’em.

We build it. They keep it running smoothly. All you do is write, and upload images to go with your stories.

Thank you for your consideration,

  • The 6pm IT Nerds



*Businesses with multiple locations, more than 15 employees, or that want to vend on the internet via a shopping cart will need more than we offer here at 6pm. We offer a cost-effective solution for people who will be writing their own content, and want smooth avenues onto social media and a stable site to author from. If you have the need for more than we can provide confidently, you can still contact us and we will lead you to the right resources.