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You can choose the easiest route and simply reach out to us. We'll do literally everything!

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Almost Effortless

Register your domain, secure cPanel hosting, and then we can take care of the rest!

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A la Carte

Registered your domain with 6pm, got hosting, and just need some extras? That's us!

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Pro Bono Services

Pro Bono Services staff may accept pro bono work on behalf of interesting organizations, challenging projects, philanthropies, non profits, animal rescues, animal, children and women’s shelters, churches and synagogues, and anywhere good people do good work for free. What you get is basically the “Easier” web site. This is what’s (mostly) included. You’d simply…

Registering a Domain With

Any and all domains that we work with should be registered with or For the Easy offering, you’d register your domain via GoDaddy or and put a payment method in that account so we could secure their various lesser-products such as privacy for your registration, etc. All ‘cost’ items would be explained…

Cpanel Hosting

Cpanel Hosting has a selection of hosting providers that vary from single domain hosting accounts that last for years, to business-class 4 and 6 CPU VPS servers with Hostgator. Depending on what you want, we’ll situate your web site on one of these servers. For the Easy site, you may pay a very small…

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are basically “other web sites that link to YOUR web site” Sometimes Google looks at a person’s web site and sees NO links to it, and figures “That site is unimportant. No one thinks enough of it to link to any of its data.” and the web site gets downtuned in the search engine.…

What’s GDPR Compliance?

European countries are very serious about the way personal and private data are stored, and how the data is used by websites that their citizens may visit. They believe that European visitors to web sites deserve to know whether a “cookie” is being placed on their device or browser, and what information is being gathered…

What’s Gutenberg?

One of the services we offer is “getting rid of Gutenberg”. And people ask: “What’s this Gutenberg? Why’s it so bad?” And the reason, for us at 6pm, is because somehow it made sense to the developer, but not to anyone else. We struggle to use it, and most people do. In the simplest of…

Picking A Great Password

Recently, the Google browser has been creating passwords for people. They are monstrous passwords, and chrome remembers them for you. Which is nice as long as you’re on a chrome browser. Later, you’re on your phone, and there’s no way you’re going to remember their 25 character password. To create a good password that you…